Monday List; Things I Like That Are Red

Just a little list today.

I have watched almost every stage of Le Tour De France this year (three weeks ago I had no idea what a peloton was) and it was obviously a good first tour to watch considering it has been won by an Australian (Cadel Evans). I have been feeling very jealous of fellow lady cyclist Christina who is currently in France and watching the last stage as we speak.

I had some pretty sad news yesterday and I might be slightly absent from my blog for a week while I fly home to stay with my parents. The man who I grew up with as my step father passed away yesterday after a pretty unforgiving battle with cancer. My mum and her partner had been taking care of him at their house, tending to him, watching lots of All Things Great and Small (which he loved), wheeling him into their recording studio and playing music and generally just being his company while he slowly passed away. I spoke to him on the phone a couple of weeks ago and he said that being in my parents' big, noisy, colourful house was a really happy place to be and that they were taking the best care of him. Last week I made a big bowl of oily, garlic-y, parmesan-y, parsely smothered spaghetti, which he used to make every Sunday night when I was a kid. He taught me to play guitar, gave me an appreciation for music and influenced me in probably more ways than I'm aware. We're having a colourful wake for him at the house that I grew up in and I'm going to play some songs he taught me on guitar.
I will miss him a lot.

+ Dave, me and my little sister on his 51st birthday.

Please do tell me something you like that is red :)