I've been working on this blanket for a uni assignment lately (fuelled by hot chocolate and back-to-back episodes of my latest guilty pleasure, True Blood). The image is based on the mandalas I've been drawing and it has been my first attempt at something like applique.


I started with a pale pink and blue woollen blanket I found in the textiles studio and sewed and Heat-And-Bonded bits of scrap fabric onto it. Despite meaning to, I never took any photos of the process.

I also tried my hand at some needle felting (before stabbing myself in the fingers repeatedly and breaking my needle, thus the three blank arrows). I'm not sure if it's finished yet, but I might not get any more time to work on it before it is due, due to working long shifts at work for the next week - I just got home from a ten hour shift today, phew! I had to run the front end of the supermarket tonight by myself for five hours and I feel like I did everything wrong, wah!

 It has been really fun decorating this blanket and I'd love to try some more applique and quilting type work. I am thinking I'll keep it as a wall hanging once it has been marked. Now to sleep before my eight hour shift tomorrow, raaaah.