Five Days Away in Instagram

+ who can resist some plane window instagramming?

+ pretty niece eee with her milkshake + i <3 tacky tasmanian souvenirs.

+ a chai banana smoothie at my favourite cafe with my friend tim when i got to newcastle.

+ cuddling/squishing my favourite (and only) nephew, marley.

+ the entrance to my childhood home.

+ colourful cleaning products + mysterious paths.

+ my childhood tree house.

+ little stroud house (where i grew up).

+ an old record I found which is still confusing me. what is he pulling out of her nose?!

+ bathside window (in childhood home).

+ riverstone bathroom floor (in my childhood home).

+ picking lemons and wattle flowers.

+ my childhood dog, pat, and i have the same coloured eyes - my 'doggelganger'.

+ more pictures from my childhood home.

+ self portrait after a long day of cleaning at the house where i grew up.

+ my cherubic baby niece, rose, taking a sink bath.

+ waiting for the train back to sydney + 'wensday' steaks.

+ rosie wearing the vintage dress i bought her + my brother & sister in law.

+ waiting at central station on a sunday night.