Lately I've been doodling a lot (especially when I should be watching lectures). Though I didn't know that's what they were called when I started drawing them (until C told me) - I really like mandalas at the moment. I draw them free-hand with no planning or sketching, so they're quite therapeutic on one hand, and slightly anxious on the other. One tiny mistake and it ruins the symmetry. They might take anywhere from ten minutes to two hours to draw depending on the detail. I have a really nice black fine-tipped Sharpie that I've been using, but I'm a big fan of these pens for drawing too. In my textiles class we've been playing with screen printing and riso prints and I thought I'd share some of my experiments.

+ I took one of my smaller, less detailed drawings, made a carbon photocopy of it, put it through the riso machine and made a screen, which paint could then be screened over and only the mandala would come through onto the fabric.

+ a messy mandala drawn on the train.

+ stitched.

I really want to make more risos now and print them on everything!