Thrifty Thursday

Today I made my second opshopping trip in a week - this time to a Mission store nearby to my house. Since moving to Tasmania I've not had as many awesome thrifting outings as I'd hoped. I've felt like perhaps 'vintage' goods haven't really hit Tasmania yet - people are still using the stuff! Ha. I wanted to remedy my bad opshopping experiences, so I wrote my self a list of things I would look for specifically when I go opshopping - that way, hopefully, I won't duck in, rummage around and grumpily leave empty handed so often. I tend not to bother looking through the clothes sections too much - the clothing items often have hefty price tags and aren't very interesting. Unless it's something extraordinary, I'm not really prepared to pay full new price for something pre-owned.

Sometimes I don't have enough time to go through each section on my list, but if I tick a few off of my list I usually have an armful of things to take to the counter. I'm sure that more seasoned opshoppers live by lists like these.

Things on my list;
- interesting fabrics (even on clothes that are too big/small/bad cuts)
- shoes, belts, scarves, hats, bags & jewellery
- kitchenware/crockery/ceramics
- framed artwork & empty picture frames
- home decor (cushions, lamps, ornaments, etc)
- tablecloths, blankets, pillow cases, doilies & tea-towels
- books, magazines & records
- board games, knick knacks & cameras
- clothing (but don't spend too much time going through the racks, unless you see particularly interesting fabric/textures/something one of a kind)

Today I bought a framed landscape painting print (I am thinking of altering it), two cross-stitched flowers in frames, a purple acrylic tweed blanket, a Vera Lynn record (just for the cover) and something called a 'Jumbo Hookey' board (an old game) which I thinking of using to hang jewellery or bags from. I spent about $15 all up.

Do you usually have a plan when you go thrifting/opshopping? What are items you always look for?