It's A Photoswap Pt. 1

A month or two ago, armed with my Diana Mini, I participated in Rhianne's Photoswap 2011. My partner was Michelle and she sent me a link to my photos this morning. I sent a roll of film (full of photos) to Michelle in Singapore which she then sent to be developed and she has sent me a roll in return (I can't wait to see them!), which I then get developed.

On most of this roll of film I used the square photo setting on my camera - I had never used it before (I usually opt for the two-shots-per-frame method which results in two skinny photos within one photo). A bunch of these photos were taken on my daily commute to work and/or uni around uni. The yellow and red sculptures are at my uni campus. I have to make a note to myself to stop taking so many pictures with so much god damn blue sky in them! I'm a bit sick of it, ha.

This week and next I'll be packing and moving to a new place (100m from my current house - Sharni suggested I move my belongings with a shopping trolley and I'm so going to!). There's also a chance that it will take TWENTY WHOLE FREAKING DAYS to get the internet connection moved to the new house, so I apologise in advance for my expected absence.