Just a minute...

...in September.

+ a guilty pleasure.

+ new enid earrings which broke the same day i got them :(

+ the scarf exchange

+ lovely note found in bike basket

+ a watercolour paint box i've had since i was seven

+ a girl guides blanket that was in the textiles studio

+ painting

+ shews

+ c makes me hot chocolates in bowls

+ giant plastic horse suspended from circus tent roof

+ making paper flowers

Watching; Wilfred, True Blood, Breaking Bad.
Buying; A comfy new office chair, guitar strings & pretty red shoes.
Listening to; the new Gotye  & Josh Pyke albums.
Loving; Sunnier days & moving into a pretty new house in the next two weeks.
Consuming; Nutella sandwiches, hot chocolate in bowls & black label pop-top orange juice.
Wanting; to be able to see family more often.