List; Lists To Make

Language of Colour
+ a fabulous collage by Phebe Rendulic.

I often make these lists. I am a bit list obsessive. However, I tend to shy away from conventional 'to-do' lists. I am bad at them. They make me feel bad, because there is so much expectation and I rarely tick enough things off to make it worth having written them. Sometimes I'd write things on my to-do lists that I'd already done, just so I'd have something to cross out. I often wonder what it would feel like to not feel guilty about all the things I'm not doing/haven't done yet. Peaceful I bet! I hope when I'm old I might get some sense of that feeling. In the meantime I will make these lists that make me feel good to write.

+ fun words i'd like to use more often (like salubrious and menagerie)
+ a 'mighty list' like this.
+ my favourite craft supplies (like tiny paintbrushes, post it notes and kraft paper)
+ a 'seen from the seat of my bicycle' list (like - man meditating at 8pm at fountain)
+ favourite sounds other than music (like wind chimes, seagulls at a distance, biting into an apple and cute tasmanian thunderstorms)
+ daily seen, heard and found lists
+ fictional characters i love (like amele, enid coleslaw and cybil crawley)
+ favourite scents (like fresh basil leaves, hot rooibos tea, coffee on c's breath and dried lavender)
+ at this moment lists (like - 1.35am, currently sitting at computer desk, c is getting ready for bed, thunderstorm outside, breaking bad & downton abbey watched this evening, fried rice eaten, cats squabbling, tired eyes).
+ a dead celebrity party and/or ultimate dead celebrity band
+ interesting strangers
+ all of the lists from this list

If you would like to write one of these lists, please do - I'd love to see your lists too :)