Weekly Thrift

+ landscape painting print, framed metallic cat picture, handmade pot holder, tasselled lampshade & knitting canister.

I had a bit of a disappointing opshopping outing this week, but still managed to come home with a handful of (mostly impractical) things. I went to six different shops, hoping I might see some cheap furniture I could spruce up for the new house. Nothing yet, but I've found you have to visit these places on a weekly basis to snag the good stuff as soon as it comes in. C is also trying to deter me from buying anything new before we move (which is probably wise).

Items I'd like to find while opshopping;
- an old record player (in working condition)
- an in-tune piano
- old interesting cameras
- paintings which I can alter (preferably ones with people in them and I can stick cats heads over their faces) or paint by numbers
- melamine kitchenware
- old needlework bits and pieces - crocheted, cross-stitched, knitted, embroidered.
- ornate frames which I can paint
- ceramic animals
- interesting cushions

I have started a collection of framed prints of snowy, mountainous river scenes. This is my second one (my first is pictured here).

I also snagged this vintage canister type object. I had no idea what it was when I picked it up - I thought that perhaps it was some kind of picnic accessory for holding a thermos. The lady at the opshop informed me that it was in fact for holding yarn/wool and has a little lip on the edge of the lid for the yarn to come out of as you knit. Yet another reason to learn how to knit. I think I'll keep it in my kitchen and store tea towels or plastic bags in it (or maybe even use it as a handbag?!).

I think I should probably start a collection of framed pictures of cats too (only good ones).

I thought this lace covered lamp shade was a bit daggy, but decided I'd DIY it, cut off the lace and replace it with something more interesting.

I cut up a strapless dress I've never worn and pinned the pieces to the lampshade, then sewed them on (while sitting in the HOT Tasmanian Spring sun! I think I got sunburned!). I't's not yet finished - I find my patience dwindles easily with hand sewing.

I also bought C a pair of brand new blue shimmery Converse for $20 in his size. He only owns one pair of shoes (worn out old boots) and I keep doing double takes whenever I see him wearing the new shoes. They're so cute!

Have you had any successful thrifting adventures lately?