DIY: Fabric Teardrops


I've been a bit obsessed with teardrop shapes lately. I take a textiles class at university and I've been playing with fabric a lot because of it. I had some scrap fabric left over from other projects and lots of cardboard boxes from moving and thought I'd combine them into something to put on my wall.


+ I collected some of my fabric scraps and some scissors, a pen and glue. I traced around a tea saucer to help with drawing the rough shape of a teardrop onto card, then cut it out.


+ I used the card shape to trace teardrops onto my cardboard box, then cut out the teardrops and traced their shape onto some fabric. I then cut out the fabric and glued it onto the shapes with PVA glue.


+ I used some fabric I'd silk screened onto in textiles class - I've been using it for everything! Once I'd made five fabric covered teardrops I put some blu-tack on the back and stuck them to my wall.


+ I couldn't help but turn one into a postcard.

For more teardroppy goodness - Sally from Queenie and the Dew does a sweet DIY on teardrop envelope decorations.