Worn; The Ladybug Jacket



+ jacket: mother hubbard wynyard, dress: nanna's vintage launceston, shoes: harajuku lovers.

I bought this one of a kind jacket last weekend while on a little day trip with my friend Sara. We stopped in a tiny town called Wynyard (famous for its tulips) and I spotted this shop - a wonderfully 'organised clutter' antique kind of place called Mother Hubbard - I entered, walked all the way to the back without stopping, pulled out this jacket and then bought it. I would have loved to have spent a few hours browsing, but I knew I wasn't going to find anything to top the jacket. I'd love to go back. What a shame it's a three hour drive.

I wore this outfit today while C and I rode around opshopping. It was slim pickings today but I did find a rather nice art deco buffet for our tv to sit on. I hate waiting for things to be delivered though - I am very impatient. I also saw one of my dream couches, but after sitting on it for some time contemplating C and I decided that our existing couch doesn't yet need replacing (my cats are tending to that though). I am certain it won't be there next time. Oh well!