Collage | Nothing Is Dead

Today I had a sick day off work and was in bed until 2pm feeling very ick. I hate sick days, because on my days off I want to be as productive as I possibly can, but today I really had to take it easy.

I've had this wooden plaque (I have no idea what to call it actually) from Spotlight for a couple of years and I've always meant to make something with it. Today I took my scissors to a Harper's Bazaar mag and a Japanese fashion magazine called Pretty Style and got to work with a glue stick. I really enjoy collaging and find it quite therapeutic, but I have trouble knowing when to stop or when something is 'finished'. I am wishing I hadn't added the hand drawn black swirls on either side in a haste at the end, but I can live with them.

I stuck all of the bits onto the board with a glue stick and then added a layer or two of PVA glue over the top to seal it. I'd love to play with some resin to finish it, but I've heard it's a bit fiddly. I think a trip to Spotlight to get more of these plaques might be in order when I'm feeling better.

Done? We'll see.