The Sketchbook Project Pages

I mentioned recently that I signed up for the 2011 session of The Sketchbook Project - the tiny and cute journal arrived late last week and I have started on a few pages so far. When you sign up, you have to choose from a list of themes - I wanted something broad but something I could come back to for inspiration - so I chose 'Time Traveler'. I'm still not sure where I'm headed with this theme but I've been jotting down ideas.

+ I decorated the cover to begin with using a pen, acrylics and a tiny brush (I don't own any brushes larger than a pen tip).

+ Some of the (not quite finished) pages.

+ A little time traveler ideas mindmap.

+ The back cover.

I will try to document more of the pages as I fill them in before I send it off.
For more info re: The Sketchbook Project go here.