12 Photographs

shadow cat on the roof

This is sort of my round-up kind of post for 2011. I thought I'd choose a photo from each month of the year. One of my unofficial new years resolutions is to take lots more photographs, I love being able to look through them at the end of the year. I didn't pick necessarily meaningful pictures for each month, just something that stood out for me, some kind of memory attached to it. If you feel like doing the same I'd love to see. I hope you had a safe and happy day today whatever you were up to :)

taking a rest after a long car journey when my parents were visiting
+ January

cat minding
+ February

my friend turk when i was back home for my birthday. he's so cheap
+ March

fifteen minutes of mispelled, misquoted fame
+ April

autumn in launceston is my favourite
+ May

from a lovely bicycle ride
+ June

knit lab
+ July

investigating the junction festival whale
+ August

view from our new house
+ September

kitty's favourite spot
+ October

+ November

today's sweet treat
+ December