Monday List | To Watch


Have you seen anything lately you'd recommend? I intend to bunk in this Dec 25 and watch some movies on my to-watch list. My sister and brother are in NSW and my parents are in Japan and I've given most of my gifts already, so I'm going to chill out next weekend.

I've been on holidays for the last 5 days in Hobart. I have been a bad blogger, but I make no apologies as I had a grand old time away. I hope to do some kind of mini-post about it. I hope you're having a lovely festive season wherever you are. I will be working the next 5 days straight. Remember to be nice to people retail at this time of year! We're not machines! So many legs of ham! So many turkeys! So many Christmas puddings and pavlovas! So many badly glad-wrapped plastic plates of oysters that leak all over the conveyer belt! I actually really enjoy working in retail at this time of year. Guess I'm a masochist!

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