100 Ideas | Week One

For a long while I've been meaning to attempt some of the things on Keri Smith's 100 Ideas list. My plan is to tick one idea off the list each week in 2012. The ideas are pretty simple, most are 5 minute creative endeavours. There are some ideas that aren't as up my alley as others, but if I can finish 50 by the end of the year I think I'll be pretty happy with that. I am hoping that by doing these simple creative tasks, it will inspire me to think of more of my own, be more observant, make more things, be spontaneous. I'll be crossing things off the list in no particular order (just to make it more free) and posting each Sunday.

Would you like to join in?

This week I chose: Make a meal based on a colour theme.

+ V, apple, snow peas, dolmades, grapes, sour lolly bells, olives, pesto on a biscuit, avocado, kiwi fruit & baby spinach.

Green foods are my favourite, closely followed by red.