Making | Books Pt. 1

These last two weeks I've been attending an intensive Summer School at my university. Instead of completing a subject in 13 weeks, as is done in regular semesters, we completed one subject in about 8 days (making, all day every day) - I wish all subjects could be done that way! My class was called The Artist's Book and I made about eight books in total. It wasn't nearly as rushed or scary as I thought it would be, with lots of time for sitting and chatting and learning the skills and gathering inspiration. We still won't find out our mark for a few weeks, but I had so much fun and now I want to make books all the time. I'm still waiting for a couple of the books to be returned from the little exhibition we had yesterday, but here are the first few (bearing in mind, I am still very much a novice at book binding).

1: Coptic Binding with collaged hard cover and internal painted signatures.

2: Saddle stitch binding with varied collected paper pages.

3: Japanese stab binding.

4: Concertina lamp with drawn and stitched motifs and paper cuts.

5: Chinese star book.

I'd love to put together a little post on how to make some of the easier ones. Let me know if that's something you'd be keen on :)