100 Ideas | Week Nine

I'm a little behind on my 100 ideas, so this is my idea for last week.
I chose: Draw a map of all your favourite sitting spots in your town/city. Photocopy it and give it to a person you like.

Instead of just making a map I decided to take photographs of each spot to share. I have a lot more favourite sitting spots than these but I thought I'd list a handful of my favourite inner-city sitting spots (tongue twister). So, here are my top 7 places to sit in Launceston.

1. On the water in Kings Park: Nice shady view of the water and up towards Cataract Gorge.

2. Civic Square Japanese Gardens: Good for sitting and people watching (the view from the other side is of where lots of people in the city eat their lunch).

3. Secluded spot at City Park (near the Cimitiere St gate): The only con is that you can hear the loud traffic.

4. At the top of City Park (near the Brisbane St entrance):  A good vantage point for watching people in the park. Good place to watch sunsets.

5. The really long bench at City Park: Good spot for people watching too. Lots of space to sit!

6. The little gardens beside the Design Centre (City Park): Nice and shady and secluded.

7. Princes Square fountain: Another good spot for people watching. As I learned from Isis; the fountain in Princes Square was purchased from the Paris exhibition in 1858, but due to public disapproval, the half naked nymph atop the fountain was replaced with a pineapple!

And here's my map:

Do you have favourite places to sit in your city? Do share!