List | Reasons I Love Launceston

  1. The irresistible aroma that emanates from the pizza shop on the corner of George & Paterson Streets in the early evening (though I’ve never eaten there)
  2. The Winter fog
  3. The people who maintain the beautiful parks (often very early in the morning, so you never see) and always look like they enjoy their jobs
  4. The bustle of the outdoor mall on any given day
  5. The facades, oh, the facades
  6. The monkeys in City Park, especially the baby ones (and the fact that there are always people there watching them)
  7. Looking up at the houses in Trevallyn on the hill from the Seaport walk
  8. The clocktower’s reliable, comforting chimes
  9. The characters (stressed walking man, Robert the Westbury Road walker, the girl with the plaits, hoodie girl, etc.)
  10. Saturday mornings at the Harvest Market
  11. All of the food vans (but especially Wanderlust, Burger Junkie, Eats with Beats)
  12. The abundance of fruit hanging over fences for passersby to grab
  13. The change of seasons, which are impossible not to notice (esp. autumns glowing trees)
  14. The cherry blossoms in City Park in Spring
  15. The arcades and alleyways filled with happy little shops
  16. Seeing black swans and people rowing in the river while walking along the levee
  17. The attention seeking seal at Tailrace
  18. The passengers on the ferry that wave to people walking to the Cataract Gorge
  19. Cheeky peacocks and tame wallabies at the Gorge (also, the scones with jam and cream)
  20. Teenagers jumping off the rocks into the First Basin
  21. The view from the top of Upper York Street (though the walk up is a killer)
  22. The map paintings in the Town Hall building
  23. The old Kodak sign above the Shaver Shop
  24. The cobblestones along the curbs
  25. The water lilies in Princes Square fountain
  26. The bike maintenance station at the Architecture School
  27. The tram conductors that give slightly too long, friendly waves
  28. People watching at Morty’s Food Hall
  29. The Launceston Cycling Classic
  30. The buskers in the mall, always of an exceptional quality

A Walk Around Invermay


My first assignment for my new course was just to go for an 'awareness walk' around my town and take photos of my observations. I do this all the time, so I thought it would be easy, but I walked around for about an hour without having taken a single photo. I really love the suburb I live in. I grew up in the middle of the bush, so I never thought that I would love living in houses side by side, but I do. I have the loveliest neighbours and there is a big park called Heritage Forest five minutes from my house that has a playground, outdoor gym equipment, trails, a picnic area and a dog park. It's a five minute bike ride into the city, 4 minutes to uni and 10 minutes ride to my work. The houses here are mostly lovely old federation cottages with sweet little gardens. People seem to care about living here and take care of their homes and gardens and say hello when you walk by.

I was hoping I'd get to photograph some of the (seemingly hundreds) of cats that live in Invermay sunbathing, but they mustn't have been feeling photogenic today. C has a hashtag on Instagram he uses to document all of the neighbourhood cats #catsofinvermay. Anyway, here are some photos I took on my walk.


I was taking photos of the bees in the lavender bush outside someone's house and they pulled up outside in their car and gave me an odd look and I was like "Uh, I'm just taking photos of the bees" and they were like "Mhmmm".


There are also two really great opshops a minutes walk from my house. A big plus.


I'd love to see some photos of your neighbourhood if you feel like doing an awareness walk too. Link me!

Tasmania | Brady's Lookout


Today was a beautiful Springy day, so we went for a little drive to Brady's Lookout with C's mum. I've been in my backyard studio working on some commissions all of this past week, with what I think is an ear infection, so I was keen to get out and do something in the nice weather. It was also Father's Day, but C insists that we don't celebrate it!


Brady's Lookout is beautiful on any day. Theo walked all the way from the carpark to the lookout and then all around the lookout, not wanting to be caught - he's getting very confident at this walking thing (a little too confident sometimes, considering we were nearby to a huge drop!). He has been enjoying exploring our little backyard lately, so wide open spaces make him very excited.


I found Theo's cute aqua coloured Pumpkin Patch boots and sweet handmade jeans at an opshop last week. My dress and top are from Dangerfield who conveniently had a sale on when I was in Hobart last week.

I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Bits | 5

Just 5 little miscellaneous bits.

+ C always points out contrails whenever he sees them, this one was super long.

+ A little painting I did last week of a man I saw walking in traffic (and sneakily took a photo of, only for drawing purposes). I really liked his pompommed hat.

+ Theodore enjoying a strawberry.

+ Atticus assisting me in designing a new logo for my portfolio.

+ A yellow combi outside one of the amazing churches in town.

I'll be away for the next few week and a bit visiting family interstate. See you when I return!

Worn | An Afternoon In The Park


Today I met my friend Isis for lunch and Theo, C and I spent some time in Princes Square (one of our favourite Launceston parks). Theo is at that stage where he'll only put up with so much time being cooped up in his pram, so we've been trying to find more spots in the city where he can get down and play. There's one great cafe with an enclosed play area (Flip) that we go to and the library, but the parks have been pretty damp lately and not conducive for an exploring, crawling baby. But we threw caution to the wind and just let him roam today and get muddy knees - he doesn't care about them, so why should I?


He became obsessed with the fountain and forced me to let him dip his hands in it over and over again, despite the water being totally freezing. I've been wanting to take him to the indoor swimming centre for a long time and he seems pretty interested in water at the moment, so maybe it's a good time.

I wasn't feeling very photogenic so C told me to spin around in circles, ha.


I was in Hobart last fortnight to attend a singing workshop with one of my favourite singers, Clare Bowditch (and everyone from the workshop got to sing with her on stage at her concert that night!). The first concert I ever went to was a Clare Bowditch concert when I was 15, so it was a bit of a teenage dream to attend a workshop with her. A totally lovely coincidence was that Mem (who I have been friends with online for some time) was at the workshop too and we got to meet properly and she kindly let me hang out with she and her lovely cat Jellyfish between the workshop and the concert. Anyway, this is really just a long way of telling you that I was in Hobart for a few days and Dangerfield (which unfortunately Launceston doesn't have) had a big sale and I got 5 dresses, including this one, and I got my cute heart shaped bag for free.


I've been going for walks into the city a lot lately to take photos for a drawing project for uni. I only have two subjects left until I graduate and it feels so weird to be so close to the end. When I first started uni back in 2009 I didn't really know what I wanted to do or when I would finish, so it's nice to see the finish line. I'm really excited to get started on my drawing project, stay tuned.

I also wanted to say a big thank you for the kind emails I've received since my last post - I'm still in the process of responding to them, but reading them has really helped me in the last few days.

+ Shoes: Melissa. Bag: Dangerfield. Coat: Target. Dress: Dangerfield/Revival. Cardigan: Thrifted.