List | Reasons I Love Launceston

  1. The irresistible aroma that emanates from the pizza shop on the corner of George & Paterson Streets in the early evening (though I’ve never eaten there)
  2. The Winter fog
  3. The people who maintain the beautiful parks (often very early in the morning, so you never see) and always look like they enjoy their jobs
  4. The bustle of the outdoor mall on any given day
  5. The facades, oh, the facades
  6. The monkeys in City Park, especially the baby ones (and the fact that there are always people there watching them)
  7. Looking up at the houses in Trevallyn on the hill from the Seaport walk
  8. The clocktower’s reliable, comforting chimes
  9. The characters (stressed walking man, Robert the Westbury Road walker, the girl with the plaits, hoodie girl, etc.)
  10. Saturday mornings at the Harvest Market
  11. All of the food vans (but especially Wanderlust, Burger Junkie, Eats with Beats)
  12. The abundance of fruit hanging over fences for passersby to grab
  13. The change of seasons, which are impossible not to notice (esp. autumns glowing trees)
  14. The cherry blossoms in City Park in Spring
  15. The arcades and alleyways filled with happy little shops
  16. Seeing black swans and people rowing in the river while walking along the levee
  17. The attention seeking seal at Tailrace
  18. The passengers on the ferry that wave to people walking to the Cataract Gorge
  19. Cheeky peacocks and tame wallabies at the Gorge (also, the scones with jam and cream)
  20. Teenagers jumping off the rocks into the First Basin
  21. The view from the top of Upper York Street (though the walk up is a killer)
  22. The map paintings in the Town Hall building
  23. The old Kodak sign above the Shaver Shop
  24. The cobblestones along the curbs
  25. The water lilies in Princes Square fountain
  26. The bike maintenance station at the Architecture School
  27. The tram conductors that give slightly too long, friendly waves
  28. People watching at Morty’s Food Hall
  29. The Launceston Cycling Classic
  30. The buskers in the mall, always of an exceptional quality