List | Ten Things I Love About Theo

  1. That beautiful, indescribable scent on the top of his head. It is delicious, it is calming, it is pure happiness. It is like an instant antidepressant for me. I know it will go away one day and be replaced with other, possibly less pleasant scents, but I so wish I could hold onto it forever in a little vial! 
  2. The way he tilts his head, raises his eyebrows, looks to the side and smiles really sincerely when he really wants something.
  3. Watching him play and run; so upright, so precarious, so fast, so joyous.
  4. His little head on the pillow next to mine. He has his own single bed now which I put him to sleep in when he stays with me, but sure enough, at some point in the night he’ll wander out and make a beeline straight for my bed, where he’ll immediately curl up and fall back to sleep. I know that him sleeping in my bed will be a temporary, fleeting thing, that one day he’ll stop wanting to do, so I relish it. I love his little sleeping sighs and snores. Sometimes I'm even lucky enough to get woken up by a wet little kiss on the face.
  5. His gorgeous little baby body, quickly turning into a little boy’s body. Living in a reasonably cold climate, we don’t get the opportunity to let him run around nude very often, but he loves it when we do and I love that round little belly and bottom! I love looking at his little hands and feet and noticing what his features really look like. I love kissing his big, soft cheeks and looking at his little teeth (with the cute little gap in the middle at the front) and tickling his neck and trying to push his hair to the side so he looks like a little boy from the 50s. 
  6. That I see so much of myself in his face and expressions.
  7. His communication. I love the way that when he really wants something he'll say "Moooooooooore", getting higher in pitch as the word ends. I love that anything round is a "Ball" and most animals are "Cats". I love it when he loses something (usually his dummy) and turns his hands out and says "Wheredigo?". I love the way he says thank you (or “chan chu!”) so often, without us ever stressing that he say it - today he said it to the bus driver when we exited the bus. I love that despite not being overly talkative, he has extremely good comprehension and can be given directions. 
  8. His interminable cheekiness. Oh that cheek. SO MUCH CHEEK.
  9. His dancing. So many moves, no self consciousness. He can’t help himself but dance when there’s music on. I hope he keeps doing that for a long while!
  10. Watching him observe. It is just such a joy to watch him experiencing and taking in the world. It would have to be one of the best things ever. Is it a highlight of my life.