Just A Minute | March

Reading | Daily Dishonesty - Lauren Hom (birthday present to myself) & Not That Kind Of Girl - Lena Dunham (Finished! Loved it!).
Listening | So Frenchy So Chic 2014 & Courtney Barnett.
Watching | Downton Abbey, Girls, Gogglebox (guilty pleasure, but rather good) & Mad As Hell.
Consuming | Chai and banana bread from Sweetbrew (comfort food).
Making | Fun commissioned illustrations (lots of pet portraits).
Looking forward to | Perfecting my own chai recipe, having the open fire going at my apartment in Winter (I just need to remember how to make a fire), my mum coming to visit at the end of the month and hopefully having more time for personal creative projects.

This month I turned twenty five! I also attended a friend's baby shower, a little dinner party at Holly's, Isis and Damien's going away party, had friends over for afternoon tea, was visited by two British backpackers, had a toddler play date, a handful of meet ups at Sweetbrew for coffee and lunches at Fresh with friends and made a trip to Hobart to see Darren Hanlon and hang out with my friend Mem. So social! I am really enjoying meeting up with friends more and putting more effort into friendships. I have met so many good people in Tasmania. 

I'm hoping to write up a 25 before 26 list in the new few days and share it. It is always fun to have some little goals to aim for each year (even if I don't get around to half of them).

I hope you had a great month.