Just a Minute...

...in March...

+ I received a gorgeous wind-up robot from Rin for my birthday. A wonderful surprise present. I've been making it walk around my cats and they hate it.

+ Milkbar opened and I got really excited.

+ C wanted to buy this little couch for our cats, and I saw this big comfy couch at Raincheck Lounge.

+ I saw some interesting signs in Hobart.

+ I celebrated my birthday and received some sweet goodies and went out for lunch.

+ I wore a lot of red.

+ I made a little display for my nail polishes and painted my nails about twenty times to try to stop from biting them.

+ I sent off some picnic invitations.

Watching: Game of Thrones.
Purchasing: Dresses, hot chocolates, op-shopped goodies.
Listening to: Admiral Fallow & The Wombats.
Loving: Collage.
Wearing: Lots of yellow & pretty new dresses.
Making: Homemade chocolate chip energy balls.
Consuming: The above.