Little Joys

+ unknown

+ pulling faces at babies at work (and them pulling them back at me and cracking themselves up)
+ teachers who say they dig your work
+ being friends with people who own amazing shops
+ suspenders
+ incense
+ wii fit
+ outfit compliments
+ rain, rain, rain
+ running half a kilometre for the bus and the bus driver starting the ignition just after i got on
+ good hair days
+ public holidays for worthwhile things ie. the eight hour day (not to mention the accompanying payrise for working on a public holiday)
+ making new friends via doing boring group work
+ people who are good at being good customers
+ mac's ruby woo - i'll never tire of this colour
+ a bit of trashy reality television (lately it's been 'dad camp')
+ my history lecturer comparing king james ii to south park's cartman ("respect my authoritah")
+ when my kitten calms down for a moment and lets me enjoy his company
+ all the lovely congratulatory comments on this post, thank you guys :)