Little Joys

+ ma & chr

+ existential conversations with (very drunk) people at parties
+ walks around suburbia at night (with my boy, don't worry!)
+ pastel pink nails
+ birthday cards from lovely internet friends
+ writing an essay and actually enjoying it
+ that post-work out bliss (I never thought I'd be saying those words)
+ peppermint tea
+ having a boyfriend who chooses things for me to try on when we're out clothes shopping (I ended up buying a skirt I would never have picked because he slid it under the change room door and forced me to try it on)
+ yellow, yellow, yellow (second favourite colour)
+ having my hair brushed (thanks boy)
+ competitions to win adorable bikes
+ 5 days off work in a row
+ using messy inks in drawing class
+ irresistibly sweet puppy dogs (I'm going to sign up to walk dogs at the RSPCA soon)
+ watching classic movies from the 80s/90s that I'd never seen (Ghostbusters + Cool Runnings)
+ lovely, thoughtful belated gifts from family (I like it when presents are late - it makes it feel like it's still my birthday)
+ growing my hair out (and resisting the urge to chop it!). soon it will be longer than it's ever been.
+ hearing people singing along to songs in the supermarket in the next aisle over
+ adorable little shops in Hobart (and meeting the lovely ladies who work there - and their cute puppy dogs)