Film Friday | Mixed Bag

+ Midnight In Paris: I have had this lying around for ages, but something about it put me off watching it. I'm so glad I did. Really clever, very funny. I never thought I'd love Owen Wilson in anything.
+ The Hunger Games: One of those movies I assumed was mainly hype but really lived up to it. I may have actually literally leapt out of my seat at one point. Had my heart pumping.
+ God Bless America: Highly violent but a great social commentary. Darkly comedic.
+ Meek's Cutoff: I saw this at film society. The number of people who walked out midway through pretty much sums up how I felt about this movie. No real plot, no real character development and no ending. Didn't get anything out of it.
+ The Whistleblower: Interesting (true) story and well filmed though the whole "American justice over all" feel to it made it feel a bit one dimensional.
+ Back To The Future: Late to the game? Try 27 years late. Really satisfying old school 80's movie. Watched number 2 this week and loved it too.