Freebie: Printable Info Button Stationery

When I write a letter I like to write what I'm listening to, what the weather is like, the date and time and some other fun little details in the left hand corner. I thought it would be fun to make some stationery with little icons for those things.

On the stationery there's a symbol for:
+ the music you're listening to
+ the weather
+ the time
+ the date
+ what you're eating/drinking
+ your location


I designed the stationery so that it will print two pages per A4 sheet of paper. When you hit print, type "2" into "copies per page" (you may also need to tell your printer to print in landscape not portrait). I had to trim my pages a little once they printed because my printer never does exactly what I want it to.

I couldn't pick just one colour, so the download comes with a bunch of different versions. I also included a Photoshop editable version (in .tif format) for those that are Photoshop savvy so that you can change the colour yourself. Have fun!

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