Just A Minute

...in April.

+ I did some doodling (uniball eye micros are my all time favourite pens).

+ We made quite a few visits to Milkbar.

+ Our friend Chris came to stay for a few days (that's his silhouette).

+ I sent some mail.

+ I reorganised my office space a little.

+ I got through a few more 100 ideas.

+ I found this lovely skirt and painted my nails probably a dozen times.

+ My coffee table got a new tablecloth.

+ I unearthed all of my badges and brooches and pins.

+ I went opshopping and came home with these guys.

+ I got bored at uni and took photos of my books and feet and paint pallet.

+ One of my neighbours houses got re-painted with this lovely red door.

+ Dexter was very photogenic. We also discovered that our little boy cat... is actually a girl. Dexter is a lady. Ps. Yes, her collar is too big - I've got to find her a new one until she fits this one.

+ C and I treated ourselves to a couple of cafe outings.

Watching: Game of Thrones, Angel, New Girl.
Reading: The Hunger Games.
Listening: Daughter, Miike Snow & Foster The People.
Consuming: A lot of tea, red velvet cupcakes, soups and cider (I actually found a type of alcohol that I don't hate! It's the only cider I've ever tried that I've liked - it's called Herrljunga, delicious sweet pear)
Loving: Having visitors, day trips, craft supplies, my lovely boyfriend and our little cat family.
Wearing: Bed socks, a lot of yellow, tights, stripes, jackets.
Spending money on: the official part of getting married (not too far away).