Market Finds

Today's market finds

While on my two-week self imposed uni work break my in-laws took C and I on a Sunday drive to the Evandale Markets. They're my favourite markets in the area. The outdoor part of the markets can be a little bit hit or miss, but there is a huge hall and inside are a bunch of permanent stalls selling vintage antique type goods. I always walk away with just a couple of things because I always get overwhelmed by all the things and the crowds. I went there with hopes of finding a nice new teapot. I picked up some 1950s Ladies Home Journal magazines, a tablecloth, 8 pretty handkerchiefs with which to make bunting, a hair bow, a big doily and a lovely old J.H. Lynch 'The Water Nymph' print. I've always loved the print and have seen them in cafes and online and picked this one up for $20, a tenth of the price eBayers advertise them at. I'm a lucky girl! I'd love to find a full-colour print of it too. I would have stayed longer at the markets, but C's parents were ready to head home. I would go out there every weekend if I could!

Eight handkerchiefs with which to make bunting

This bow reminded me of @lorzpet

$20 for this lady. These prints are always ridiculously expensive