Be My Guest | Carla of Tiny Angry Crafter

Hello everyone! I’m Carla, I blog over at Tiny.Angry.Crafter, and today I’ll be showing off my artistic ‘skills’ while Miss Bianca is getting hitched!

I’ve been a fan of Bianca’s for a while, and when she asked for guest bloggers, I literally squealed with delight and did a happy little dance. From the Keri’s 100 ideas list she gave, I chose:

10. Draw your bike

My little pink bike (named ‘The Kraken’ by my good friend) is a simple Schwinn Cruiser.  I’m starting to gain confidence with riding my bike around as a mode of transportation, after reading about Bianca’s bicycling adventures. Thankfully, I’ve got a dad who loves bikes, so I’ll tag along during one of his rides. Hopefully, I’ll knit up some cute things for The Kraken this summer.
Do any of you have bikes? If so, what do they look like?

Thank you Bianca! & congrats to you and C!!