Just A Minute | May

This is what May looked like.

I bought a pretty new pair of shoes.

I rearranged some home decor.

I drank about ten litres of Milo.

I began and finished the Hunger Games trilogy (the last two books in two days) and felt totally miserable when it was all over!

I painted my nails a couple of dozen colours.

I made collages and paper-cut silhouettes.

My cats were very photogenic.

I spotted this house with a dalek and gargoyle.

I admired the Autumn scenery.

I spotted spotty mushrooms.

My pal Sara bought me a second hand Colorburst 250.

I bought this dress at the opshop despite it being much too small. It was too good to pass up.

I bought girly new flannelette sheets.

I considered becoming a nun for a day.

I spotted this lady's jumper at the opshop.

I went bowling with C and some friends from work. My boyfriend has a very luscious beard.

I watched: Game of Thrones, Lily Allen's Riches to Rags, Dark Shadows, Win Win, The Guard, The Avengers.
I read: The Hunger Games trilogy, A Song of Ice and Fire, lots of uni readings.
I listened to: My Brightest Diamond, Andy Bull, Menomena, Best Coast, Beach House.
I consumed: so many soups, hot drinks and baked desserts.
I visited: the optometrist, the markets, two different types of doctors, uni, bowling, the cinema, Milkbar, a masseuse, Sara's.
I loved: staying up late making things and watching shows, reaching the end of assignments.
I wore: gloves, scarves, tights, wooly socks.

How was your May?