This week is my blog's third birthday, I almost forgot. Today, with little on the agenda and persistent stormy weather out (I love that wet weather validates my laziness) I thought I'd treat my blog to a few tweaks here and there. If you're viewing this post in a reader, feel free to click through for a peek. I ventured into the (now not so) complicated world of mouseover images (and perhaps went a bit overboard).

It definitely feels like a lot longer than three years here. Up it's sleeve, this blog has 691 posts, 5000 comments and 500000 page views. When I first made this blog, C and I had been together for three months and I was mooching at his house, eating his food and using his internet. He's still cooking for me.

Thank you so much for coming by this little spot - whether you've been reading a little or a long while, I really appreciate it. I really enjoy blogging. I worry sometimes that perhaps I don't take it seriously enough and am not hugely prolific or reliable, but the blogosphere is always a source of enjoyment for me and I get lost in it for hours each day week.

This is what my desktop looks like at the moment - I finally changed my desktop picture after about 6 months. I found it here.

+ some paste ups in my street.

This week I have been eating warm croissants with swiss cheese, quince paste and deli slices, watching Le Tour and cheering on Cadel, staying in out of the (persistent) rain, doing a bit of painting and sleeping in in my brand new pillow-top memory foam mattress (as if I needed any more incentive to stay in bed!).

I also had my bank card details stolen along with all of my money! (thank goodness for banks that notice unusual activity within hours, investigate and eventually reimburse you for this kind of thing), had a sick cat, felt like quitting my job and got a mark for a subject that I thought I deserved a lot more for, but my lazy last week of holidays has been mostly good. I'm looking forward to being back at uni next week. I love immersing myself in fun new subjects.

Have a good rest of the week awright.