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Hot chocolate at Milkbar before work.

This is Ivy and Spawn. They sit at our front door. Spawn used to be our doorstop before he had a tragic accident resulting in his decapitation. Ivy used to live in an antique store until my friend Michael knocked her off the shelf and she too was decapitated (and we had to pay for her) and she came to live with Spawn, where they guard the front door, both with their detached heads balancing precariously on their necks. C thinks that they look like an odd married couple (like us).

I really like displaying things on clip boards.

C making sandwiches in our kitchen. We bought a dozen kiwi fruits for $1.60 to try making kiwi fruit jam this week.

Some bunting my mum made for our picnic, now on the end of our (new) bed.

I cleaned the bathroom cupboard for the first time since I haphazardly threw everything in there when we moved in. I thought it was a milestone worth photographing.

In drawing class we had to attempt a bunch of Fluxus scores and then write some of our own for our classmates. I picked "create a drawing with your foot" out of the hat. It was a challenge I probably won't attempt again. I am a bit obsessed with Fluxus scores right now though.

C wanted me to get a photo of our cats looking like they were reading Tom Cox's books about cats. They didn't really seem that interested.

Most nights C and I have been going for walks up the hill and admiring the view. Photos of city lights at night never capture how pretty they look.

Miscellanea on our fridge.

Today I'm trying to put off starting an essay that is due tomorrow. I've been having a hard time keeping up with things lately and I think I'm going to be a bad student and hand it in a day or two late. I also have to get up for work at 4am tomorrow morning for stocktake. Despite the early start, I kind of love doing the six-monthly 5am stocktake. Basically every one who works in the whole store meets at 5am and we do a stocktake of the entire store in three hours. I don't really know what about that sounds fun, but I always enjoy it - running around counting stock and writing stock counts on the plastic price strips with a greasy eyeliner pencil! I'm going to weed our garden a bit then start this stupid essay. I think I might have a nap, then stay up all night, as opposed to getting up at 4am. Let's see how that goes, ha.