Just A Minute...

...in August.

Got that cute rental. Move in  one week! Eep!
We applied for, and got accepted for, a super cute new rental. We move one week from today! A friend on Facebook said "this is what you'd look like in house form".

Seen at uni
I saw this at uni and it made me smile.

I made a bunch of paper packs for Milkbar.

Nightly collage #sketchbookproject #collage
Nightly collage. Eighties magazines are so fun.
I started doing nightly collages.

Cheesy thank you cards ready for addressing.
We got some cheesy thank you postcards printed.

I love some good coffee art
I was impressed by the coffee art at Cocobean.

My first woodcut in print making class. Doing a Beatles inspired project. This one goes out to @herecomesthesunblog
Printing envelopes. Lino cuts are my new favourite.
I learnt how to do woodcuts and lino cuts.

It feels like my heart will explode when I see this!
My cat trying to make friends with another neighbourhood cat.
They're like this every night but it still makes me squee!
4 kitties on an unmade bed
My cats did some stuff.

My favourite example of My Family stickers.
I saw my favourite example of My Family stickers.

Taking photos while riding is kinda scary. Need some tips from @juleskills! (ps. I was on an empty bike path not the road)
I tried taking photos while riding - don't try this at home.

Woke up this morning to this gorgeous card (with my name on it!) in the mail. I feel like the luckiest person ever to get encouraging notes like this from total strangers.
I received this lovely card on a day when I was feeling down. Thank you kind stranger!

A hideous cookie jar I saw opshopping today
I saw this hideous cookie jar while thrifting.

I watched: Puberty Blues (new favourite) & The Secret World of Alex Mack.
I listened to: A bunch of good cheap cds ($2!) from the opshop and Myer.
I consumed: Belgian chocolate & hazelnut cookies.
I visited: Opshops, hung out with this lady and met this guy and lots of work and uni.
I wore: My favourite purple coat, lots.
+ if you'd like to add me on Instagram my username is goodnightlittlespoon.

This week the gear cable on my bike snapped and I had to ride it like a single-speed bike for a couple of days until I could take it to the shop to get fixed - I don't know how people ride single-speed and fixed gears! So much work! I've been meaning to take it in for a check up for ages but knew I'd be without a bike for some time - a week without my bike makes me feel so sad! I get bored walking and the buses don't really go where I need them to or at the right times. Watching the men at the bike shop wheeling my bike out of my line of sight made me feel anxious!

Next week we'll be packing like mad during semester break, trying to recruit people to help us move and setting up house. I love the nesting stage. I am looking forward to admiring the view of the city from our new verandah, putting my dirty dishes in the dishwasher and having a clothes line (simple pleasures) and laying back in the bath!