Our Picnic | The Moon


I mentioned to my Mum that having a 'paper moon' cut-out at the picnic might be a fun idea as a photo prop and she had my step dad cut out a moon shape for me. I painted it with white house paint and then painted the details with my step dad's airbrush. I had never airbrushed before and it was so much fun. I'd love to get my own - I still have a lot to learn - holding that thing takes skill!

On the day, I left a bunch of cameras on the table next to the moon and a sign that read 'take a Polaroid & add it to our photo album". By the end of the day the photo album was full of photos. It was one of those things about the day that I was really glad I did. It was so fun to go through them the next day. When I buy a new scanner I'll scan and upload a bunch of them.


We also blu-tacked a bunch of envelopes to the wall in the entry to the house with a sign that read 'Write us a note & pop it in an envelope'. I loved what each person wrote. I'm going to paste them into a scrap book.

Our Picnic | 1st July 2012
Our Picnic | 1st July 2012
Our Picnic | 1st July 2012
Our Picnic | 1st July 2012

2nd & last 4 photos by Justin Aaron.