Collage | Postcards


Today I've been making collaged postcards to post to the Chop Shop Clinic to accompany my rainbow silhouette prints. I love sitting down to collage. I usually do it sitting on our uncomfy couch with my materials spread across the coffee table. It is quite an awkard spot and I have to get up and stretch every half hour. I bought myself a nice big work bench last week and once we've moved I'll set up a good studio space for myself with lots of natural light and space and organisation (here's hoping!).

These postcards will get a layer of clear tape put over the top of them to seal them before their journey from Tasmania to New South Wales.


I struggle organising my collage materials. I don't like things to be in folders because I want to be able to rifle through everything quickly. Lately I've been keeping them in this ottoman I bought from Officeworks. It sits in our lounge room as a footrest and when I feel like collaging I steal it from under C's feet and open it up. I'm going to get a bunch of big clear plastic file folders and make it slightly more organised, but for the moment it's like a collaging paper lucky dip!


While I'm collaging away, Dexter the kitty is lounging in a basket. I'm sure if I had've bought this basket with the idea of it being a cat bed, he would never have sat in it. Right now it's his favourite spot and I wouldn't dare move it from the middle of the lounge room floor. Squee!