Just A Minute...

Cheesecake in a jar! Day made!
O c t o b e r :

+ I watched: Love My Way, 50/50, Dexter, Downton Abbey, To Kill A Mockingbird, The King of Devil's Island & Moonrise Kingdom and half of the Harry Potter movies (C had only seen the first two, so I felt it was my duty to force him to watch the rest).
I listened to: Beirut, Ben Folds Five, Foster The People & Milo Greene.
I consumed: Homemade smoothies, vitamins, cheesecake in a jar(!).
I made: Banana bread and carrot cake and bunch of patterns and little paintings and drawings for my last uni assignment (I'll likely not be going back for at least another year, so it was a bittersweet feeling).
I visited: Green's Beach, Deloraine, Penguin, Burnie and Wynyard.
I wore: Comfy, boring clothes. I probably applied make-up before going out a quarter of the time.

This month revolved mostly around food, illness, watching TV and drawing. Not hugely eventful and a month I'm kind of glad to see behind me, for my health's sake. It still surprises me how quickly time passes - I was just getting to know 2012. 2013 is a year I know absolutely nothing about yet. Next month I'll be going to Melbourne for a week and my 78 year old grandma will be staying with us in Tassie for a week too.

In November I'd like to:
+ Fill a scrapbook with pictures from our wedding picnic and assorted paraphernalia.
+ Join a yoga class.
+ Feel more well.
+ Finish reading To Kill A Mockingbird.
+ Have people over to warm our new house.

I hope you had a good month!