Just A Minute | In December

Good present @xavcob Gonna read it all when I get home from work.
+ A lovely gift from C (even though I know he really bought it for himself).

Such beautiful writing (and a very sweet card) @lovekatyha
+ A beautifully addressed card from Katyha.

My husband is a creep. Made me stop the car so he could get out and pat a cat.
+ C likes to make me stop the car when we see cute cats on the street so he can go and pat them.

One of the bosses at work asked me tonight if I had a Christmas tree and when I said no he gave me the one we've had set up at work (complete with decorations and lights). Pretty sweet!
+ One of the bosses at my work gave me this Christmas tree that had been set up in the store (including lights and decorations) on Christmas Eve.

Watching: Peepshow, Homeland & Dexter.
Reading: Ready Player One, Rookie Yearbook One (I highly recommend both) and zines.
Making: Lots of little drawings with my graphics tablet.
Visiting: Hobart and the East Coast with my parents.
Consuming: Many icy poles and peanut butter on celery sticks.
Buying: A cute new diary and cute new Melissa shoes (and still preparing for buying baby stuff).
Looking forward to: Travelling home next month to see family and getting to find out what sex the tiny human is next week. We've been playing with some names lately!