Two | Pictures From My Holidays

There is a house under there.
An old ice cream truck hiding in an alleyway.

Over the last few weeks I've had my Grandma, sister and my parents all stay with me in separate lots. My parents go home the day after tomorrow and this house is going to feel very empty soon. I love having visitors. Being so far away, visitors are few and far between, so we hit the visitor jackpot this time around. We took my parents to Hobart on the weekend to see the Museum of Old and New Art (one of my favourite places on earth) and the Salamanca Markets and earlier this week we took a trip with them to the East coast of Tasmania and swam at the (freeeeezing) beach. The pictures above are of a house I saw in St Helens completely covered in foliage and an old ice cream truck I saw hidden in an alleyway in Hobart. They were the only pictures I took on each of those trips. I've lost my photo taking mojo over the last few months. Maybe I'm not seeing the beauty in things like I used to, or maybe I'm seeing it, but just not feeling the need to capture it. My SLR is tucked away somewhere with a dead battery. It's sad when creative enthusiasm for things that once brought you joy dwindles. I'm hoping it will remerge soon. I like to take photos just for the sake of documentation, not necessarily trying to make a work of art. I know that future me will appreciate the photos I take now, just like the present me appreciates the photos I took in the past. So, I will endeavour to take at least a photo a day, of something, anything, from now on, an informal kind of 365 project if you will. Have you ever partaken in a 365 photo project? Any tips?