Just A Minute...

...in January.

Trying to figure out how you're supposed to eat a pomegranate. My first time.
Hmm. Not sure if I'm doing this right.
I started the new year by trying to learn how to eat a pomegranate. I also watched the fireworks from a hill near our house and could see a dog sitting peacefully in his backyard by himself casually watching the fireworks too.

Have been drawing nonstop for about a week. Finished these handkerchiefs today!
Late night drawing for my step dad (had trouble thinking up something for him - he has a recording studio & likes Pink Floyd, so hopefully he'll dig it). Will add colour in the morning. Only two more drawings to go!
I did a bunch of drawings and actually stuck to my self imposed deadline (highly out of character).

Today's market finds: sad smoking child print, seventies serving set, nice old tea set, some Golden Books and raspberries.
I had some successful market and opshopping trips (and feel like I am now addicted to Gumtree and feel the need to go opshopping every two days).

Stage 3 of locker DIY project complete. Who knew I could make shelves and drill through metal!?
I built some shelves in these old school lockers (currently on wishlist: my own cordless drill).

Eating overpriced mi goreng at Melbourne airport waiting for my connecting flight in two hours and quite bored - any fun ideas to pass the time?
I flew to Newcastle and back to visit my family for a week and attend the wedding of one of my best friends from high school (and sat in Melbourne airport for way too long watching planes and eating really overpriced mi goreng).

Bought my sister @sarahjagoe some cute flowers. So nice staying at her new haus!
I stayed in my sister's lovely new house while visiting Newcastle (and bought her these fabulous flowers).

My niece Rosie eating her second macaron for the day. She said after this one she was going to go "craaaaaazy!" and she did.
I watched my niece Rose eat a macaron and wandered around the city with her and my brother and sister.

Playing with my 4 day old nephew Moby. Very cute!
I met my fresh 4-day-old nephew Moby and got used to holding a baby (I'm sure this will come in handy shortly. I did however take a pass on changing my first dirty nappy...).

Baby cousin Mikah (yes, I'm taking a picture of each baby I see on my trip).
I met my sweet second cousin Mikah, whose parents have just moved back to Australia with her after almost ten years in Bermuda.

A cute new brooch from my step sister
My step sister gave me a really cute brooch.

Family lunch. Watermelon shark by my step dad (I think I need to see how crafty he can get with a pumpkin).
I had a delicious family lunch (my step dad is the master watermelon carver).

A delicious 'Strawberries & Cream' iced tea. I never wanted it to end.
I had a delicious 'strawberries and cream' iced tea at Frankie's Place (Golden books as placemats, so cute!).

I wish there was a Centenary Centre back in Tassie.
Cute buttons.
Valentine I wish you were mine.
On my last day in Newcastle I paid a visit to the Centenary Centre. I wish I had a portal between my house in Tasmania and this gem of a vintage store (I'd be extremely poor).

Love a good foliage covered building.
We took a day trip through the countryside on the way to lunch at a raspberry farm.

I think these two might be friends now #atticuskitty #dexterkitty
I met this sweet black kitty (the other cats are slowly warming to him).

Scrap that last photo - it also has a chair! Picking up a cute cot this week too.
And I went into nursery decorating overdrive.

Watching... The Mindy Project (love!) & lots of Australian Open tennis games.
Listening... Sophie Hunger & Gravenhurst.
Reading... The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, Up The Duff  & (I just started) Bossypants by Tina Fey and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling.
Visiting... Family and friends in NSW.
Making... lots of drawings and prettying up furniture for the nursery.
Buying... baby necessities and lots of opshopped bits and pieces.
Looking forward to... another month of baby growing.

In February I'd like to:
Keep filling the nursery with fun things and make some collages to hang on the walls, cook more, ride my bike a couple of times before I get too enormous and finish a couple of books.