Bits | 11

sleepy atticus
+ Sleepy Atticus in one of his favourite spots. He is such a lovely cat and brings me so much joy. He is so affectionate and isn't bothered by the way you hold him or if you play with his tail or touch his paws. You can pick him up and cuddle him for hours on end. Of course, on the other end of the spectrum he is a ball of energy and runs amok a lot.

drawers diy
+ This week I bought this set of drawers from an opshop and painted their handles. I think it will end up being our change table (with a change mat affixed to the top). In that opshopping trip, I became the quintessential forgetful pregnant woman and locked my keys in my car in a suburb well out of the city. C was at work and thankfully the lovely opshop staff drove me into his work and back to collect his spare key. I hope this is my one and only experience of doing this! Curse having no central locking!

from little things big things grow embroidery
+ I made this little embroidery for the nursery last week and put it in a frame from the opshop that I painted. The quote is from one of my favourite Paul Kelly (and Kev Carmody) songs. The song itself is really beautiful and tells a really important part of Australian history about the fight for indigenous land rights. I thought that the quote by itself is quite sweet. I always think that if I was ever out of Australia for a long period of time I'd listen to Paul Kelly songs to remind me of home - all of the place names and cultural references in his songs and his accent and melodies are so undeniably Australian.

+ C and I went to a cat show on the weekend (they're pretty much C's favourite thing ever) and saw these very cute Siamese kittens.

+ C had to massage my hands last night before bed because they were so sore from rolling felt balls. They're pretty fun to make but do give you a bit of a work out. If you're keen to make some of your own this video is very helpful (though my method is slightly different).

+ Some of my little succulent collection. I may be one of the few people on earth who has a bad time growing succulents - mine just never seem to be very happy. They don't get too much water or too much sun - any tips?

+ We found a new print for our 'wall of sad children' in our lounge room. It had no signature on it so I uploaded a photo of it into Google and discovered that it's a Picasso print based on a painting he did of his son Paul. Even cooler!

+ An extremely sweet anonymous blog reader sent 'Squid Jagoe' a little package of lovely baby items last week. If you're reading - we are so grateful! Thank you so much!

+ Some pages from the pregnancy journal I've been adding bits to over the last few months.

+ C and I had breakfast at a new cafe in town this morning called Inside. It was pretty fantastic. A good atmosphere and lovely service and most importantly, great food and coffee.

+ Last week we came home after being out for a couple of hours and found Dexter (the black and white kitty) in one of his favourite sunny spots, looking like he was peacefully sleeping, but in fact, passed away. We have no idea what happened to him and feel especially sad because he was only a year old (and we just lost Morrissey a few months ago). He was a very sweet, quiet cat. We buried him next to Morrissey's grave in our backyard (becoming a bit of a kitty cemetery). This photo is the last I'd taken of him. He and Atticus were just warming to each other. Sad times.