List | Little Sads


As seems to be the case with most women when they're pregnant, I became really emotional about ridiculous things; like unfortunate looking people in TV ads or dented cans or seeing dogs tied up outside supermarkets waiting for their owners. This over-emotionalness towards things that probably don't warrant it has certainly carried over into my life post-pregnancy. Here is a list of some of my 'sads'.

+ overhearing someone being rude to their waitstaff
+ that someone always has to come last in a race
+ that bakers have to throw out lots of unsold bread at the end of the day
+ gigs that get cancelled due to low ticket sales
+ baby tears
+ that I'm often too busy to pay attention to my cats and our only interaction is me yelling at them for being naughty
+ watching someone trip over in public
+ empty open cafes and restaurants
+ when goalkeepers have goals scored against them
+ watching people run for and miss trains/buses
+ goodbyes at the airport
+ watching old people walk when you can tell that they're in pain
+ plants at the supermarket that look like they're about to die
+ overturned umbrellas

Do you have a 'sad' to share?