Little Joys


+ dogs in jackets
+ baby sneezes
+ cross stitch
+ aqua nail polish
+ fresh flannelette sheets
+ chai tea
+ renovating shows
+ mushrooms cooked in dark soy sauce
+ pressing the button on the vacuum that sucks up the cord
+ experimental cooking that turns out well
+ milkmaid plaits
+ wolfberry juice
+ quarter-hourly clock tower bells
+ cleaning as therapy
+ the cats playing in their new cat tunnel
+ black rice*
+ baby wearing
+ spontaneous roadtrips
+ fruit shops with cute tips pinned up around the shop
+ waffles with chocolate sauce and orange marmalade
+ patterned socks
+ cats mewing at each other
+ sewing holly's buttons on a new cardigan
+ the many faces of theodore h. jagoe

what's bringing you joy at the moment?

* no, i didn't burn the rice (this time), it's a different type and delicious and kind of smokey!