Theodore | 3 Months


This baby of mine is three months old (well, 3.5 now). When he was a few weeks old I wished so much for him to be older and more interactive and playful, but now I'd just really like to slow time down and really lap up this stage. His smiles are so big and cheeky and his coohs and ahhs and shrieks make me laugh. Sometimes I go to sleep and wake up in the morning (he still wakes up in the middle of the night for one feed) and it's as if he's developed over night. It's lovely to see the first signs of personality. I see so many of my relatives (and C's) faces in his face and I think he almost looks like a mirror image of me when I was a baby. The way he looks at me makes me feel like the most important person in the world. I'm really enjoying this age.

I think I'm going to stick to monthly entries in his baby book now - I just can't find the time for weekly ones (I'm usually holding him in one arm while I try to paint/draw with the other!).

On his 3-month-old birthday we had a picnic in Prince's Square and let him wriggle around in the sun. I ran off to the chemist to get him some sunscreen for his bare little legs and arms (and face and head and okay I basically lathered his whole body in it) which had never seen the sun before. I can't wait for warmer weather and more picnics.

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