Bits | 15

+ A cheeky grin.

+ This is my husband's very unruly, messy beard (he won't let me prune it!).

+ Sarah and Patrick taking in a view of the city.

+ My sister is a bit obsessed with art books. I'm looking forward to staying with her and perusing her collection.

+ Looking sly.

+ A cute bike I saw outside the opshop decorated with washi tape and pom poms.

+ Happy boy.

Evidence of spring!

+ Posing with a giant red coil outside the Queen Victoria Art Gallery & Museum at Inveresk.

+ We waited for lunch at Garden of Vegan on two different days but the tables were full and there was a big line of people, so on the day before Sarah and Patrick flew home, we showed up just after they opened at 11am for lunch and it didn't disappoint. Honestly, if you're ever in Launceston, this is worth waiting around for!

+ This week's nails.

+ Fake flowers on windowsills.

Theo and I having lunch at the Cataract Gorge.

+ Cannot resist a good foliage covered wall.


My sister and her boyfriend Patrick just spent a week with us in Tassie and sending them home made me feel pretty sad. I guess it has occurred to me that because we live so far away and have no plans on moving back to our hometown, our face-to-face meetings with family are always going to be in week-long live-in spurts, once or twice a year, and we don't get that kind of natural relationship that you get when you live nearby to family. I'm really grateful that my family make the effort to come down and visit and we are getting to spend two weeks in Newcastle at the end of the month with family. I just really wish I could see my family more often. I love living in Tasmania and despite my best efforts, can't seem to convince them to move here! It was lovely showing Patrick Tasmania and seeing it through new eyes again. I think it's easy to become desensitised to the beauty in things you see every day.