Just A Minute...

...in November (how is it the end of November?!).

+ Theo is in a really lovely stage at the moment, so cheerful (I say, as he's crying beside me and C is settling him!). He's doing some slug-like crawling, interacting with the cats, recognising people, eating some solids and growing teeth and every now and then, if you're lucky, and you squeeze his legs in just the right spot, he'll chuckle. Six months next week!

I haven't ridden my bike since I was 41 weeks pregnant. Must move somewhere flatter.
+ We got our bikes out of our spare room and locked them up on our verandah for open houses/inspections and it has made me miss riding so much. For our first 3 years in Tassie we rode our bikes almost every day, as our only form of transport and while I don't miss riding home from my job at 10.30 at night in the rain, the constant smattering of bruises on my legs and really aggressive drivers, I miss just about everything else about it.

Helped my niece with her homework : making a collage that sums up her identity. Good fun.
+ While we were in Newcastle I helped C's niece with some homework she had making a collage about her identity. We made a silhouette cut-out of her face and had fun with some paints. She insisted that one of the words we write down to describe her be 'EPIC', hehe.

@xavcob beneath the world yesterday
+ Here is C beneath the world in the Newcastle Art Gallery.

Having breakfast with @sarahjagoe, @xavcob & #babyjagoe
+ We spent lots of time with my sister in NSW and now I miss her SO MUCH.

Leaving Forster tomorrow :( I  hope these boys get to see each other again soon #babyjagoe
#babyjagoe and his especially cute cousin Moby. Moby thinks he's delicious and has tried to devour him on several occasions.
+ Theo met his cousin Moby while we were in Newcastle and Moby was quite taken with him (and tried to eat him whenever our heads were turned).

#babyjagoe and I are taking a roadtrip to my hometown today #dungog
+ Theo got to wear some cute Summery suits and I got to wear Summery dresses (we're not back to long-sleeved suits and bed socks).

Reading | Morrissey's autobiography (well, I read the first page and felt slightly deterred), Laura's travel zines, some little history books about Launceston (for a fun project), Kidwrangling.
Watching | The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (I went to the midnight screening on the day it came out, by myself, because we didn't have anyone to mind Theo for us).
Homeland, Downton Abbey, The Mindy Project & The Returned (a French series which I'm pretty fascinated with - it has subtitles, so it's a bit hard to watch with Theo around, but I'm two episodes in and pretty hooked).
Consuming | Anything that doesn't contain gluten - I'm not allergic as far as I'm aware, but when I don't eat it I feel so much better, so I'm saving gluten for special occasions (like Milkbar cakes).
Listening | Vance Joy
Visiting | We spent the first half of the month in Newcastle, still missing it!
Making | Photoshop sketches for a street art project. I also thought it would be funny to make a site of gifs of Theo.
Looking forward to | Finding a new place to live, working on creative projects and preparing to go back to uni for a print making Summer school.

Today the house we're renting goes to auction and it's fairly likely it will be sold and we'll vacate by the 1st of January. I have mixed feelings about it I guess, but I generally enjoy setting up in a new place (although, we're not certain where that place will be yet). It does make me feel sad though, because we brought Theo home to this house and I was pregnant here (we found out I was pregnant a few weeks after we moved in). It's a shame, but that's the renting game. I think about how much I'd like to own my own home at least once a day, but that prospect is still likely to be a few years in the distance. It's kind of nice to walk around Launceston and see the different streets we've lived on and recall the memories we associate with those places. We walked past our previous house a few days ago and remembered Morrissey the Cat screaming at us to welcome us home as we rode our bikes down the street towards the house. Things I'll remember when I think about this house will be walking up and down Canning Street hill with a big pregnant belly (I didn't think it was that huge when I had it, but looking at photos now, I WAS HUGE!), having lots of family members come to stay and looking out at the beautiful view every day (I'm pretty set on the idea of moving to somewhere flat now so that we can ride our bikes again).