Revamped | Stand


Remember that boring old stand I got for $2 at the opshop? I thought I'd show you what I ended up doing to it. It's currently in our lounge room and I use it to store some of Theo's toys. Once we move I think I'll use it beside my desk to store art supplies. I used spray paint on the laminate boards (and just sanded them back a bit, so I expect that the paint job might not last forever) and hand painted the metal with white enamel paint (again, sanding a bit to give it more tooth). My paint job was pretty rough, so don't look too close, and of course I left the boards to dry and came back to them later and they had tiny little cat scratches all over them. I really like buying cheap, boring furniture and giving it a lick of paint - I end up with something I like the look of and for minimal cost.


Today we went to an inspection for a house we'd like to rent. The house is really cute, in a quiet street, in a flatter area and still close to town, so we can ride our bikes. We handed in an application but there were a few other people looking, so I don't know what our chances are. I think we were the only family looking - I often wonder if children work in or against your favour in regard to rentals. Theo is at such a lovely stage where he engages with and smiles at everyone - the property manager said that she and her husband have never wanted children, but Theo was making her reconsider.

It is funny how having a baby makes you so much more sociable. When we were in Newcastle, we were sitting in a busy cafe and we saw a couple with a tiny baby in a capsule come in looking for a seat, so we offered that they could sit with us at our big table, and an hour later we were all Facebook friends (including my sister who was with us). They were on their first proper outing with their 6 week-old baby and I think it was probably refreshing for them to see Theo, who was on his best, bouncing, cheeky, smiley behaviour. Those first few weeks are so hard and there's little reward, so it's nice to see a glimpse of what you have to look forward to. Today Theo made friends with a lady eating her lunch at Milkbar and she was so smitten with him and he was being a total ham. Having Theo is definitely making me come out of my shell, as people are always interacting with him and asking me questions about him. I'm the shy mum with the extroverted, gregarious baby, but I'm totally okay with that.

Ps. I should probably iron that doily.