List | Before Summer Ends


I'm not typically a big fan of Summer. That is part of why we moved to Tasmania - because we couldn't stand another mid-40 degree Summer in New South Wales. This Summer has included a handful of mid-30 degree days which are very atypical for Tasmania and were pretty uncomfortable especially for my little Winter baby who sleeps best when it is chilly. Complaints aside, there are lots of things to like about Summer here - the longer days (I'll still never get used to the sun setting at 9.30pm!), delicious salads and cold beverages, beach-going weather and those irresistible perfectly warm days when staying inside would be a crime. Here is a list of some things I'd like to do before this season ends.


I actually got to tick one of the items off this list today - we took Theo to the beach for the first time. We went to Devonport Bluff which is a really lovely family place to swim and has a great burger place on the shore. Unfortunately, Theo hated the water and was terrified of the waves, though did enjoy eating a bit of sand. The water was probably a bit cold for him and the sound of the waves was pretty intense - we'll have to take him to the aquatic centre instead I think. Because days warm enough for beach-going are so few and far between here, we'll probably have to wait until next year to try the beach again with him. I am a huge fan of the beach (there is a photo of me, just a little bit older than Theo is now, in a bonnet, on my hands and knees in the water at the beach with a massive grin on my face - apparently I would crawl into the waves, get knocked over, laugh and then get back up and do it again), so I'll be so sad if Theo hates it forever!

+ Note sand on face. Delicious!