Bike Hour


Thursday is my birthday - it is also biannual Bike Hour day. Bike Hour is about getting people to ride who might not have otherwise. There are no sign-ups, you don't have to meet up with anyone if you don't want to and nobody even has to know you're doing it - it's totally on your own terms. It's just about going for a ride. C, Theo & I are thinking of going for a ride around the Seaport between 6pm and 7pm and maybe getting some spicy hot chips with aioli.


Today I had plans of going for a ride to buy art supplies and then working in my little studio nook for a few hours. I'd been meaning to reattach my bike fender, which had broken in two - I fixed it with the help of super glue, Paddlepop sticks and gaffer tape last week and thought that it would probably only take me about 10 minutes to reattach it to my bike and put my skirt guard back on. It took me three hours! Phew! Fingers crossed that my make-shift job lasts a while and I don't have to do it again anytime soon. I had to use cable ties to attach it to my bike. My poor bike is a bit worse for wear, but I still love it. Tomorrow I'm going to collect some paint chips to put in the spokes.


I'd love this gorgeous Lekker, but don't tell my pink bike.


Bike Hour was initiated by Steven Fleming, who is a UTAS lecturer (and also lived in Newcastle like me). Stephen and I had coffee when he first moved to Launceston a few years ago and I am always impressed by his fantastic bikes and his dapper outfits. He told me about Bike Hour and I thought it was a great idea - he set the wheels in motion (pun intended) and then let it free and it's been taken up across the world.

Will you be going for a ride?