Weekly Thrift

On Saturday we took Isis and Holly with us to the Little Red Tractor Markets in Deloraine and did some opshopping. Deloraine is one of my favourite Tassie towns and I think if/when we move out to the country, it will be high on our list of places we'd like to move to (chickens, fruit trees, dogs, a huge vegetable patch!). Today Theo and I went to the Esk Markets (nearby to our house) - sometimes they're just full of junk, but this week I picked up quite a lot of goodies, including a bunch of little girls dresses (no, I'm not having another baby yet, though C would like that!) - I couldn't afford to buy them all though at $5 a pop. Here are some of the things I snavelled*.

There are always great old kids toys at the markets, but I try to only buy really special ones because we live in a little house and Theo already has a lot of toys.

I'm not certain if this outfit is for a child or a doll - it is tiny so probably will never fit any child of mine - Theo was almost 10lbs, but too cute to pass up.

Ideally I'd like a pot holder collection like this for our lounge room wall. So far, I have two! And a very cute patterned tin to keep my pens in.

Two lovely green vintage dresses.

I have decided I'm going to collect vintage children's clothes patterns and try to make some (because they use so little fabric, if I stuff it up, it's not such a waste). I also can't resist a cat themed Golden Book (especially since it was in the 'FREE' box).

A cute pastel pink baby frock, cute plastic bowl and a hand knitted dishcloth (that lovely Libby at Sunny's gave me for free).

I'm collecting tiny animals for a tiny shelf with lots of little compartments in Theo's room. I'll show you when it's full.

These were extras with the ones above, but they're cute too.

Frilly and floral and lovely.

1970s ramekins. Possibly to use at the 70s themed party Isis, Holly & I have been talking about having.

Theo was very enthused about his new pig hat (we call him Piggy as a nickname).

This is not the best picture of it (hello uni bathrooms), but I got this skirt at Serendipity Bazaar near my house this week, made from vintage tea towels. It has 4 different panels, so I can turn it around to suit what I'm wearing with it.

Lastly, I got this Japanese hand painted tea/espresso set from the same place as above. My eyes turned into love hearts when I saw the scallops. The cups are TINY, like coffee shot sized. I can't imagine ever using it, but it is looking nice up on a shelf for the moment.

What have you been thrifting lately?

* I just realised this word seems to be an Australian slang word! It means 'steal', though of course I didn't really steal these things. I do wonder how often I use words that are idiosyncratically Australian (like when an American girl asked me what the word 'fortnight' meant).